RAWMCO S.A.S is a Colombian company with a worldwide recognition. Its success is due in large part to its representation of prestigious multinational companies, which are recognized for their technology, the quality of their raw materials and support in the development of products that improve the quality of life of consumers.

Thanks to these strategic alliances, RAWMCO S.A.S has managed to project itself globally.

Since 2008 RAWMCO S.A.S, continuing with its trajectory in the import market of raw materials for the FOOD, FEED, PHARMACEUTICAL, INDUSTRIAL manufactures, has been reflecting its focus on importing high quality products, reinforcing its evolution and expansion of the portfolio.

Since its foundation, the company has stood out for its commitment to good practices, compliance with its customers and the quality of its services, maintaining a relationship of trust and collaboration with them.
In order to guarantee security throughout the supply chain, the company is implementing the OEA certification, which allows it to achieve secure processes that prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, smuggling and other illegal activities. This commitment to the integrity and transparency of its operations, along with its focus on customer satisfaction, have been the key to the company's success throughout its history.


Provide high quality raw materials and exceptional service to our customers to foster long-term relationships and maximize their satisfaction.


RAWMCO S.A.S will be recognized for being a benchmark in representation, marketing, distribution and comprehensive support for all its customers and suppliers, being a fundamental part of the supply chain, in order to offer consumers products that improve their quality of life.


Our company satisfies the needs of our clients, shareholders, employees, their families and the community with the application of continuous improvement and innovation of our policies and their application in the activities carried out by collaborators.

International Supply Chain Security Policy

Prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, smuggling and other illicit activities in the supply chain

Work Disconnection Policy

Maintain the proper balance in the rest-work relationship from a comprehensive health perspective in its three areas (social, physical and mental)

Non-consumption of alcohol and psychoactive substances policy

Maintain the comprehensive safety of employees and visitors through the promotion of a culture of non-consumption of alcohol and psychoactive substances

Personal data processing policy

Treat in accordance with law terms, the data provided by our business partners, providing security and protection of information

Occupational health and safety policy

Prevent and control the occurrence of accidents, incidents or occupational diseases